Abuse Manager includes the functionality to parse inbound email.
This is incredibly useful when receiving reports from other sources such as your website's abuse notification forms or other 3rd parties.

Each Abuse Manager account has its own inbound email address.

To find yours:

  • click your avatar at the top right
  • Scroll down to "Inbound Email Reports", click the "Learn more!" button


Your custom email address will appear in the popup modal.

How it works:

Any email sent to your inbound email address will be processed and imported into the system. Additionally, if a domain name and supported abuse category is mentioned in the subject, separated by comma sign, a case will automatically be created.

An example subject would look like this:, malware

If the email does not contain an abuse category, you will be asked to provide it the next time you log in.

The inbound email system will import the full message and any attachments, adding them to the case.
If a case already exists for the same domain name, the report and attachments will be added to that case.

NB! The inbound email address should not be made public, as it does not employ any spam filtering